Where do I start?


I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time now. In fact, Somewhere, out there is at least one I started.
If you want perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation then you have definitely come to the wrong place.
In high school and college I was an English Major. I could write about almost anything. The words just flowed. Now as I turn 55 years old I am limited to what I can write and how I can write it.
My brain is often foggy. The words just don’t come and when they do they may not be the right ones.
There is a lot I want to say about myself.
I’ll be sharing my life, past and present.
I’ll be sharing my life here in Florida. The life I never thought I would be living. If someone would have told me I’d ever leave Colorado for Florida, I would have said they were crazy. Me, Living in Florida…..H… No. Never. Ever.
You know what they say about the word NEVER.
I will also be sharing Bobby.
My son. My only child.
I am an angel mom.
I am a wife.
I am forever changing.

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