Fumbling Around Here.


I am fumbling around here. I read other people’s blogs and wonder how they got there start. How did they figure everything out?
I remember first getting on FACEBOOK. A friend my hubby worked with at the time wanted me to connect there. To be her “Friend”. I really wasn’t sure what I was getting into.
I soon learned FB was a fun place to be. I had a lot to learn. For one thing, Everyone kept making Hearts using <3. Easy enough.
Not for me. I just couldn’t get it right.
I’d hit< the #. I’d hit < then a space then 3.
I did it over and over.
I was told to just Copy and Paste?
Time to laugh here.
I had no idea how to C/P.
I never learned to type. I still peck away. Faster. Thank heavens for Spell Check.
Do you get the picture?

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