Part 2 Of Fumbling Around Here.


I mentioned I was trying to figure things out.
I lost the first draft of this because I didn’t save it.
So now I am saving in sections. I need to figure out how to do one message…..saving while I go.
One thing you will learn very quickly, if you haven’t already.
I make lost of mistakes. In spelling, writing, grammar  and punctuation. I also have trouble coming up with the words I want to say.
It’s very frustrating for me.
I was an English Major. I got A’s. I was good. Really good at expressing what I wanted to say.
I wrote short stories and sometimes got them published.
Then I had MIGRAINES For 2 years. Constantly. If I didn’t have a HEADACHE (The wanting to scream kind), I had the stomach problems that come after taking all the medicines.
It was a bad time.
I have other problems as well.
So if you expect perfection……This is not for you.
To get back to the original topic…..I had a lot to learn. I still have a lot to learn.
SO please bear with me.

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