Chocolate Queen Elsa and a missing balloon


I remember the first time Danny took me to Disney World. We were getting ready to leave. Hot and sweaty. Tired.
As we were leaving , Danny asked me once again if I was sure I didn’t want to see Cinderella’s Castle. I said no. Then, I remember all the Cinderella moments in my life. The times I had dreamed of seeing it one day as a child.
I turned to Danny and said, “Yes, take me to the Castle. ” Thank heavens we did.

Long walks and dark chocolate

If you are a Florida native, like me, you have been to Disney too many times to count. It started with your family; then there were church youth group trips, and field trips and birthday parties and even Grad night.  As they add parks and rides and exhibits, you return to catch up with an old friend.  You have kids and take them and the cycle continues.  However, taking your grandchildren is the best (sorry girls).  By now, you know so much more than you knew then.  You have patience, you don’t care what they look like by 10:00am, you don’t mind giving them junk and you can send all the Disney memorabilia right back home with them.  You get the pleasure of seeing their eyes light up as they take it all in, which is priceless!

This week I had the pleasure of taking my five year old granddaughter…

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