LIFE IN THE REAL DESERT: WESTERNS AND OLD MOVIES. From Sarah: An awesome Read. Brings back memories . Growing up. Raising Bobby.
Danny and I lived in an RV for 5 plus years. We have lived in our restored Cracker House for over 3. Most of that time with out TV…Or I should say : without AN antenna or cable . No channels.
Netflix thru the mail.
What we manage to watch on the internet. We have a slow High speed internet connection.
We had a lightening strike last year that took out the TV and a desk top. Mine.
Two days ago, the barely, over a year TV, just Blew up, as in a hiss and it was gone…..
Now What?


  1. I think you are having a communications and entertainment emergency. If you lived nearby, I could help … We are in the middle of nowhere. You are beyond nowhere, someplace else entirely. You make me feel like I don’t have any problems!

    • No emergencies, although we do panic more than we should.
      We depend on the media outlets way more than we should.
      I used the TV more as a monitor than an actual TV.
      I’D. like to say, I wasn’t hooked on the internet…..but I am.
      We don’t get out much. Internet is cheaper than eating out and anything else we can do.
      The sad thing is: we do live out in the boonies…yet, not that far. We just have old phone and internet lines..and are in need of an attenna in this area.
      What is bad though….land lines…at the state park go out ALL THE TIME.
      We just live with it the best we can.
      Some weeks are worse than others.
      I broke my camera last week.
      I take photos all day long. Hundreds of them, sometimes.
      Now that was serious as far as I was concerned …
      Still, not life threatening.
      I am rambilng again. Too much time alone. Have a great weekend.

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